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Walking T- Rex Robotic Kit


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This Walking T-rex Robot Kit introduce electrical energy  and mechanical energy concepts to your kid.  By constructing a Walking T-rex robot , it can help  your kids skills in robot designing and engineering process.   This kit is recommended for children aged 7 years and above. Children need to assemble all the given materials to complete the Walking T-Rex Robot . Each complete set  is provided with:

✔️ 67 x Wooden pieces
✔️ 1 x DC Motor
✔️ 2 x Lithium Ion Batteries
✔️ 1 x Battery Box
✔️ 2 x Plastic Wheel
✔️ 16 x  Cylinder Stopper
✔️ 1 x Steel Rod
✔️ 2 x Orange Stopper Set
✔️ 2 x 8mm screw
✔️ 2 x 4mm screw
✔️ 1 x Written Instruction





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